2023 Small Group Photography & Processing Workshops: Dates & Locations

Please read our Mission Statement for info regarding Mike's teaching style.

Visit the General Overview & Itinerary Info page for more information about gear specifics, clothing, weather, etc.

Taylor Photography has all necessary permits & insurance and Mike is certified in first aid & CPR.

COVID-19: Mike and Sonia are both fully vaccinated.

Please visit our COVID-19 Protocols page for information regarding COVID and its impact on our workshops.

2023 marks our 11th year of hosting workshops and we're thrilled to continue helping photographers improve their craft.

Thanks for your interest in our small group photography workshops. Observing and capturing the features of the night sky is an awe-inspiring experience and we invite you to come join us for a workshop filled with adventure and wonder photographing these scenes with your camera. After just one session of shooting the night sky most folks are hooked and want to go out as much as possible to see what else they can capture - every single time Mike goes out for a night shoot he sees and hears something different and amazing.

Very few people have invested the time to truly master the art of photographing the night sky. It takes passion, effort, energy and motivation to go beyond the basics of understanding a camera to truly knowing what your camera sensor is capable of capturing in the dark. Getting the most out of your camera gear and being able to calmly troubleshoot during challenging conditions at night is an art form in and of itself, where practical experience and empirical knowledge come only with time and patience. Mike has spent countless hours photographing the night sky and he thoroughly enjoys teaching others everything he knows about landscape astrophotography and the processing techniques required to create extraordinary night sky images.

If you prefer Private 1-on-1 Instruction we can do that as well - simply contact us for scheduling. Although we are based in Maine, Mike is more than happy to accommodate anyone who wants instruction in the United States or anywhere else provided our schedules coincide and his travel & lodging expenses are covered. We recommend contacting us as early as possible.

Gift Certificates: Drop us a line if you'd like to reserve a spot in one of our small group or private 1-on-1 workshops for your favorite photographer. We've had many folks do this for holiday & birthday gifts and they are always well received.

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