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Processing Instruction

Processing your photographs in the digital darkroom is an integral part of creating stunning images. Shooting in RAW is the best way to have total control over your images during processing. A RAW file is the image as seen by the camera's sensor - think of it like unprocessed film. 

Mike is available for Lightroom & Photoshop instruction where you can learn to develop your RAW files into amazing works of art, going through a step-by-step method covering the entire digital darkroom workflow from RAW file to finished image: adjusting highlights & shadows, white & black levels, contrast, clarity, noise reduction, color balance, sharpening, lens corrections, etc. and the more advanced techniques involved with selective editing: masking, layering, transforming, opacity & color blending, exposure blending, focal length blending, panorama stitching, star trails & time lapse techniques, and more. We will also cover the different options for saving your images for the web, printing, or other applications. Please contact us for scheduling so we can take your processing skills to the next level.

We offer in-person processing sessions or online processing sessions via Skype or Zoom, contact us for more information and for scheduling.

Rate: $100 per hour (recommended 2 hour minimum) - discounts for full day or extra hours

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