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Pemaquid Point Light - April 4 or 5 2019

Night Sky • 1 Night Workshop

Please read our Mission Statement for info regarding Mike's teaching style.

Visit the General Overview & Itinerary Info page for more information about gear specifics, clothing, weather, etc.

While no knowledge of night photography techniques is required for this workshop, please understand this is not a Photo 101 class - you should have a decent working knowledge of your camera gear and how the Exposure Triangle (aperture, shutter speed & ISO) works. Please contact us with any questions or concerns BEFORE signing up for this workshop. Thanks.

This workshop has been planned around the New Moon cycle to maximize the visibility of the Milky Way and other features of the night sky. This is a one night workshop where we will meet on either April 2 or 3 depending on the local weather forecast. We will spend 2-3 hours during our meet-and-greet discussing camera settings & other pre-shoot information and 4-5 hours photographing in the field for a total workshop time of approximately 8 hours.

Pemaquid Point Lighthouse is one of the most photographed lighthouses in Maine for good reason - it is a very scenic spot located on a cliff above some of the most rugged wave-bashed rocks in the state. Pemaquid is featured on the back of the Maine state quarter. The lighthouse tower and attached fisherman's museum make for great foreground elements as do the old fuel storage and bell tower buildings. This location is also the first place Mike ever viewed and captured the Northern Lights. There is a relatively small window of time to photograph the Milky Way in early spring as it rises behind Pemaquid Light and this is a great location to kick off the beginning of Milky Way season.

In The Field Photography: In early April the Milky Way begins to rise around 1AM on the Eastern horizon. We will be set up & shooting before then and for 4 or 5 hours through astronomical sunrise. We will be covering the entire skill set of shooting at night including safety, camera settings, focusing, composition, lighting etiquette and more. We will also cover the process of shooting horizontal & vertical panoramas as time permits. Mike and Sonia will help each participant with all the techniques listed above, troubleshooting, etc.

More specific information regarding meet up time & location and a PDF covering the essentials of night photography will be sent out to participants via email well before the workshop date. All participants will receive a hard copy of the PDF handout to go over during our meet-and-greet session.

Physical Requirements: Boots or shoes with decent tread are necessary. This area is mostly grass but there are some rocky areas and uneven terrain. There is the possibility of snow and ice due to the time of year. Those in reasonable health will have no problems with this. Anyone who has balance issues should contact us before signing up.

Availability: This workshop is limited to a maximum of 6 participants.

Investment: $350 per participant - Alumni discount of 20% if you've taken a previous workshop with Taylor Photography. 

If you have any hesitation about signing up, check out the Testimonials page where clients have shared their experiences.

Payment: Use the PayPal buttons below to pay the investment amount.


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