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The Digital Darkroom - Sept 29-30, 2018

Denver, Colorado - 2 Day Processing Workshop

Processing your photographs in the digital darkroom is an integral part of creating stunning images. Shooting in RAW is the best way to have total control over your images during processing. A RAW file is the image as seen by the camera's sensor - think of it like unprocessed film. Understanding the features of Lightroom, Adobe Camera Raw and Photoshop - and how to use them - is paramount to bringing your RAW files to life with vivid detail, contrast, sharpness and color. This 2 day processing workshop will mainly consist of tutorials and techniques via Lightroom & Photoshop and some of our favorite plug-ins to create remarkable images. We will cover Mike's entire digital darkroom workflow from RAW file to finished image - from the basics of adjusting highlights & shadows, white & black levels, contrast, clarity, noise reduction, color balance, sharpening, lens corrections, graduated & radial filters, etc. to the more advanced techniques involved in layering, masking, and transforming images. 

We will spend a half day or more going through every single slider and editing tool in Lightroom, taking time to discuss how to use them  - and why it's so important to understand not only what each tool does but *why* it's so important to learn the art of adjusting highlights & shadows, white & black levels, contrast, clarity, noise reduction, color balance, sharpening, lens corrections, radial & graduated filters and more.

We'll also be spending one full session (or more) in Photoshop discussing layers and masking in great detail in order to improve your overall workflow and ability to edit images more selectively & efficiently via complex masking, grouping layers, different blending modes & using different opacity for layers and brushes, when and why to warp & stretch images, etc. Mike will work with each participant on their images as we progress. Check out our Processing page for examples.

We will also go through detailed instructions regarding the capturing & processing of images featuring exposure blending, horizontal & vertical panoramas and star trails images as time allows.

This workshop is designed for beginning and intermediate photographers & image editors - please feel free to contact us with any questions.

This is an in-depth, comprehensive processing workshop that will consist of approximately 12 hours of classroom tutorials & processing time where Mike will go over the full processing of a few of his images. We ask that each participant bring a few of their favorite RAW files to process, whether we use them as examples for the whole class to follow along, or for just your personal use.


September 29: 10AM -5PM with 1 hour lunch break - The art of RAW editing in Lightroom

September 30: 10AM -5PM with 1 hour lunch break - The art of editing layers, masks and more in Photoshop

Home Base: Our home base for this workshop will be held at the Home2 Suites in Denver, Colorado where we have arranged for a block of rooms for our participants (check in the day before the workshop & check out the day after the workshop) and a conference room for our processing sessions. Contact the hotel via phone at 303.985.7100 or via email: and make sure to mention that you are with the Mike Taylor Photography September Workshop group. Rooms will be held until at least Sept 14. You are of course free to stay anywhere in the Denver area.

Availability: This workshop is limited to a maximum of 8 participants.

Lodging, transportation and meals are not included. 

Investment: $649 per participant. Alumni discount of 20% if you've taken a previous workshop with Taylor Photography. 

If you have any hesitation about signing up, check out the Testimonials page where clients have shared their experiences and/or our Processing page where we have created a handful of Behind The Scenes & Before and After graphics for your perusal.

Payment: Use the Paypal buttons below to pay the investment amount.


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