• Marshall Point Panorama
  • Aurora At Marshall Point Light
  • Above The Fog Layer
  • Shadow Rays

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Marshall Point Lighthouse in Port Clyde, Maine is one of my favorite spots to photograph the features of the night sky while incorporating an iconic lighthouse as a foreground element. The skies over the Atlantic Ocean in Port Clyde have very little light pollution and offer star gazers a chance to see what they may otherwise be missing. Some of the great aspects for shooting here include the long walkway out to the tower, the rocky outcropping and tidal pools at the base of the tower, and the fantastic "wagon wheel" feature coming from the lighthouse itself, caused by the metal design of the tower cap. 

In late September the Milky Way appears vertically in the sky after sunset (around 7:45 PM) before the photogenic core region falls below the horizon around 10:30 PM. We will be set up & shooting before sunset and through the night until 1 or 2 AM or later.

Investment: $300 per participant per night  -  Alumni discount of 20% if you've taken a previous workshop with Taylor Photography. 

Payment: Use the Paypal buttons below to pay the full amount, a 50% down payment or the remaining balance if you have already paid the deposit.


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