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Unexpected Color

While out photographing our Milky Way galaxy in the middle of the night I happened to notice some color coming from the North and sure enough it was the familiar green and purple hues of the Northern Lights spiking up. Although I could barely see this display with the naked eye, the camera picked it up quite well as usual. The bright lights and other colors on either side of the aurora are man-made light pollution coming from Augusta, Maine which is 20 miles away from where I was shooting. The Northern section of the Milky Way can easily be seen on the right hand side of this image which is a composite of two different exposures, one for the sky and one for the foreground road and fields.

Nikon D600 & 14-24 @ 14mm
f/2.8 - 30 secs - ISO 2000
05/08/14 – 3:09AM

Nikon D600 & 14-24 @ 14mm
f/2.8 - 90 secs - ISO 1600
05/08/14 – 3:20AM

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