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Aurora at Moosehead Lake - June 22 2015

With news that Mother Nature was going to put on a Northern Lights display we headed to one of our favorite spots to view and capture them – Moosehead Lake, located just above the 45 degree latitude point.

The Visual: a huge green arc with dancing spikes, pulsating waves of light that stretched overhead and over 180 degrees across the sky. At a few different points it was a variable rainbow of colors. All of this was being perfectly reflected in the smooth-as-glass water right in front of us.

The Audio: a nearby crackling campfire, the call of the loons, some crickets & frogs and the occasional sound of a chipmunk scurrying past.

The show started just before 10PM. It ebbed and flowed through the night until almost 3AM - this was easily the longest and most impressive aurora display we have witnessed. This image is one frame from an 800+ frame time lapse that captured the entire event.

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